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Warsaw Poland
November  22nd - 24th 2015

“Teachers open our eyes to the world. They give us curiosity and confidence. They teach us to ask questions. They connect us to our past and future. They’re the guardians of our social heritage. We have lots of heroes today – sportsmen, supermodels, media personalities. They come, they have their fifteen minutes of fame, and they go. But the influence of good teachers stays with us. They are the people who really shape our life.” 

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

One of the key questions we all face as Jewish educators is the balance between a Jewish identity built on remembering an often traumatic past and one built on a positive future. This is particularly apparent in Poland, and over the three days of Arachim we were able to interact with a young and vibrant current community, and in so doing, raised questions about the messages we give our students. The conference included a special visit to Warsaw's recently opened Museum of Polish Jewish Life. After an initial session together to raise some key questions, the group was able to explore the exhibition through a choice of different themes.


Over 75 Jewish school Principals and educators from 20 different countries gathered in Warsaw  at the seventh Arachim conference. This has now become the most significant gathering of European Jewish formal educators. 


Some communities use this opportunity not just to make informal connections but to ensure in advance that Arachim can help them build a formal training programme for their key Jewish education professionals. 

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of the seminar

A seminar addressed to Principals of Jewish Schools & KIndergarten and Directors of Jewish Studies

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