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London - United Kingdom
9th - 12th February 2014

This seminar focused on the challenge of how to achieve better results in attracting the 18- 35 year old generation within JCC activities in cities across Europe.

Many of the views expressed by participants reflected the urgent need to reach out to this generation of young European Jews and create programs which are both relevant and meaningful to them. In order for this to happen we need to better understand their cultural traits, respect how they think and live, and adapt to their diverse approaches to Jewish identity.

One idea which stood out was the importance of giving them greater power and independence in creating programs which reflect their particular concerns and way of life. Others voiced the need to

create a warmer, more welcoming, and even “cooler” atmosphere. Overall participants agreed that the human element needs to be stronger if we are going to attract these young adults.

The outcomes of the conference delved into the unique qualities that often reflect the Y Generation such as multiple approaches to aspects of life (multiple careers, multiple social groups, etc.) and diversity of interests.

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of the seminar

A seminar addressed to Youth Directors and Heads of Programming in the different JCCs and communities in Europe

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