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All of our work is based on our belief that continued success is integral to the future of the Jewish People.

We are dedicated to offer programmes as gathering places, where people of all ages

and from all walks of Jewish life, can meet, more inspired by their Jewish heritage

and more connected to their communities and to one another.

Civil Society

“ECJC wants us all to concentrate on the opportunities being presented to us as significant contributors to the enrichment of European society more than focussing solely on the challenges and threats to security”.

- ECJC Board Member


This track was adopted at the general assembly in May 2004 in Budapest. The first expression of encouragement of responsible EU citizenship was the seminar European Encounters. Strengthening the knowledge of professionals in the new accession countries, (EU awareness, techniques for accessing public funding and project management), it ran as a pilot seminar in conjunction with CEJI and JDC, with support of Hanadiv Charitable Foundation and the Dutch Humanitarian Fund. This seminar was repeated in 2006 in Sofia.

For 2016, a Special Seminar on Accessing EU Funding has been held in London, with support of the European Jewish Fund and EAJCC to train professionals from the different European Jewish Communities in Europe how to apply for EU funding under the different grant programmes. Due to the success of this seminar, a new edition will be held in February 2018 in partnership with other Jewish organisations.


Today is an important moment for Jews in Europe and Jewish Communities in Europe.

The mission of ECJC is to assure the Jewish future for our people, to preserve and celebrate our rich Jewish heritage, to cultivate Jewish values and quality of Jewish life in our community and to create and maintain a sense of neighbourhood by providing gathering places for individuals, families and organization of Jewish life as well as the general community.


ECJC shares a place with EJC in the Board of the Claims Conference representing Jewish Interests in Europe.

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