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Making Your School 21st Century Intelligent

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London, United Kingdom
June 10th-12th, 2018

Principals of Jewish schools require a special skill set. The idea of ‘the intelligent school’ was first made popular in a book that came out in England 2004. It promised to ‘help schools to be intelligent organizations; to be the type of school that can synthesize different kinds of knowledge, experience and ideas in order to be confident about current achievements and be able to decide what to do next.’ 

Over the course of this seminar, participants were able to look at an updated version of what makes schools and organisations more intelligent and learned new techniques to help their schools become more effective and to help their professional life become more stress free.


Like every ECJC event, this seminar also gave participants the opportunity to meet fellow school leaders from across Europe and share experiences and ideas.

Click here to download the programme

of the seminar

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