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Victims, Survivors, Testimonies, Trauma & Memory

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London - United Kingdom
May 13th-15th 2018

With 73 years having passed since then end of the Shoah, it is of outermost importance to provide the Survivors with the right care. ECJC in partnership with the Holocaust Survivors Centre from Jewish Care and the Association of Jewish Refugees organized a three-day seminar in London for exchange of approaches to caring for Shoah Survivors.


This seminar targeted:  Heads of Social Welfare Departments, Special Carers and Directors of Services for Shoah Survivors. During the seminar participants received the unique overview of the different approaches for caring of Shoah Survivors and the effectiveness of the different approaches.


The seminar also gave the opportunity for participants to discuss and inform each other of developments at the “Claims Conference” and to see common challenges to feedback to ECJC in order to prepare material for the upcoming Board Meeting.

Click here to download the report of the Think Tank

A seminar addressed to Directors of Old Age Homes and professionals dealing with Programmes for Senior people

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