Michael Blake
London, United Kingdom

“Three years ago I joined the Board of ECJC, representing Jewish Care in London. I have been inspired by the commitment and work undertaken by the Board and its Director and have seen the growth in attendance at our programmes, together with the increase in membership. For "Jewish Care" (who are the largest Jewish care provider in Europe) it has been beneficial to be part of this organization with the "two way traffic" of exchange of ideas and best practice and for the shadowing of colleagues from abroad, whether from a large or a small community. The exchange and sharing of information which takes place at the programmes which are held, has clearly been beneficial to all parties.

We have great opportunities to do more! For example most of our communities have an aging Holocaust survivor community and as ECJC has a seat at the annual board meeting of the "Conference On Jewish Material Claims Against Germany", which is held in New York each year, we should try and speak as one united voice to ensure that our survivors receive the best possible care and attention and that they receive all the help they are entitled to. Together we are a stronger voice!"

Gabrielle Rosenstein
Vice - President & Chair of Social Welfare Committee
Zurich, Switzerland

Why I do it

I am happy to be a volunteer for an organisation which brings forward the idea of a Jewish Europe and provides a platform to improve our skills and professional work in social welfare issues.


Why I think it is worthy to be a volunteer for the organisation

I am dedicated to the Social Welfare Committee. It is important to offer space for the communities to meet for networking and to exchange ideas and help each other.


How being a member of ECJC helps my organisation

The Association of Swiss Jewish Refugee Aid and Welfare Organisations (VSJF) has a long tradition in developing supportive networks. As a small community we are proud to be part of Jewish Europe.

David Revcolevschi
Vice - President
Paris, France

Arturo Tedeschi
Milan, Italy

I'm engaged in ECJC because it's an exciting opportunity to understand the European Jewish Community as a whole and to get together with Jewish leaders and professionals of other countries.


It's a continuous learning experience where we can understand and debate our common Jewish identity and our diversities at the same time. It is also a unique chance to help and open up the mentality of our local Jewish organizations. 

Simone Mortara
General Secretary
Milan, Italy

Platform & Engagement

We are strengthening the network among Jewish organisations and Communities in Europe with the goal of promoting cooperation through the exchange of activities and best practices in each others’ fields of expertise. We are not alone.

Strategic Planning

We need to keep looking at the future and envision how our communities and organisations, including ECJC, need to adapt to continue answering the needs of our members and preserve our values. We are all responsible of one another (Jewish quote).


We have the urgent need to reach out to this generation of young European Jews and create programmes which are both relevant and meaningful to them. In doing so we believe it is critical to give them greater power and independence in creating programmes which reflect their particular concerns and way of life.

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