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11th Annual SW Conference

Berlin, Germany
December 3rd - 5th, 2017

A group of 90 Social Welfare professionals from all over Europe, came together to reflect on how their field is evolving, share experiences and discuss how they can adapt their organisations in order to provide the best services possible. 

The participants had the opportunity to network and get exposed to the difficulties their peers from other countries face. Through workshops, they got to share their individual views on welfare and, more importantly, expose themselves to alternative views. 

Among the highlights of the Conference were the visits we arranged for the group to local Welfare organisations, in order for them to experience first-hand how the Dutch Welfare operates and converse with both staff and clients. 

In addition, we had the provilege of having with us a group of Academics, who presented their research on new trends and practices in the field. They provided a scientific approach to how the Social Welfare field changes, and were very well received by the group.

Finally, we had the pleasure of having with us a Claims Conference delegation that informed us about their organisation and sat with our professionals to answer any questions the had. 

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