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Accessing EU FUnding  How to apply

Between the 11th and the 13th of September, ECJC will be organising in collaboration with EAJCC and EJF the first ever training seminar in Accessing EU Funding, specially designed for Jewish organisations.

In a time where funding is a common challenge for most of our Organisations, it is essential for us to be aware of every potential source of funding. In this spirit, the European Council of Jewish Communities, the European Association of Jewish Community Centers and the European Jewish Fund are happy to announce they are organising a Training Seminar with professionals and consultants whose expertise will surely prove beneficial to all the participants, not only by presenting the different programmes from the EU where our organisations could apply for support, but also to receive mentoring of the highest quality and have assistance in putting together grants for the different EU funds.

As many applications should be presented by several partners, the seminar will be the space where to find potential new partners among the rest of the communities and develop joint applications. Registration is already open and places are going fast, so secure your place now by registering online at

Building Resilient Communities

European Summit -  Barcelona, 13th /14th  November 2016


continuing with the success of Building Common Answers, the summit will be tackling the political situation in Europe and how we should deal from different angles with the threats which challenge our organisations. From Terrorism to new waves of Anti Semitism, the rise of right wing parties and the influx of refugees, the meeting aims to create a safe space for our communities’ leaders to discuss the common challenges our communities are being faced with and to become a platform where to exchange the best practices today sharing successful experiences amongst peers.

The Summit will be focused on facing these different challenges and the subsequent need for crisis-preparedness and responsiveness from a perspective of community resilience. This is a crucial moment in Europe and we believe that today more than ever it is important to work together to guarantee the continuity of our communities. We are working in an extremely interesting programme, and we are updating every day the website with the names of the confirmed speakers.


Registration is already open - REGISTER ONLINE NOW

Outreaching - Reaching Out
Training Seminar - Rome, 4th / 5th December 2016


A special seminar for JCC directors and Board Members, Diretors of Youth and Community Managers. Organised with EAJCC and JDC

The Social Capital of our organisations
How to work with different groups in the community?

Registration will open soon


This seminar is supported by the UJA Federation of NY.

Special Needs Children
Professional Shadowing Programme


The ECJC JDC Social Welfare Committee will be organising later in the year 2 experiences of exchange for professionals working with Special Needs Children and Families. Professionals will shadow for a week a colleague from another organisation to learn first hand the programmes and techniques used elsewhere. The whole experience is based on creating opportunities of peer learning and future mentorship in the field.

For more info -

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