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How to access EU Funding & Fundraise


How to guarantee the sustainability of our programmes.
Special Training on how to apply for EU Funding

Rome, Italy - June 2020


in partnership with 


In a time where funding is a common challenge for most of our organisations, it is essential for us to be aware of every potential source of funding.


In this respect, and after two successful editions with former participants accessing EU funding for their porogrammes developed inside the seminar, the European Council of Jewish Communities in partnership with the Union of Jewish Communities in Italy are organising the third edition of this special fundraising training seminar.


The seminar will go over the different potential sources of EU funding and foundation funding and prepared professionals on grant writing will guide participants into preparing their drafts ready for submission.


The seminar will be led by professionals and consultants whose expertise has already succeeded with the successful application for EU Funding of previous participants who followed our initial seminars on EU Funding in 2016 and 2018.


The experts will be presenting the different programmes available from the EU, and will also be providing mentoring of the highest quality and assistance for the participants to put together grants for the different EU funds.


The seminar will also be a great opportunity to find potential new partners among the rest of the communities and develop joint applications which is a requirement for all European grants.

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