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JCC Global World Conference


10th World Conference of JCCs
Jerusalem,December 10-12, 2019

 Pre conference: Amitim2.0 Assembly- December 9-10, 2019 (by invitation)


In conjunction with the Israel Federation of Community Centers Annual Conference, December 11-12, 2019


Who will attend?

Several hundred Executive Directors of Jewish Community Centers, Presidents of JCCs, senior staff members of JCCs, senior lay leaders of JCCs and senior personnel of JCC networks and organizations who work with JCCs from more than 20 countries and graduates of JCC Global Amitim1.0 and 2.0- Fellows-A Global Leadership Network.



We invite you to be a contributing member to the global network of JCCs, a vehicle for inspiration and benefit- all for the sake of ensuring a thriving Jewish future. The world is rapidly changing and so is the landscape of Jewish engagement. Technological trends impact every aspect of our lives, human behavior, family structures and society. Life as we know it is altered in ways beyond our imagination. For today’s world a network centric approach is required to achieve greater impact and solve problems. In an era of constant change, perpetual crises and limited resources, networks can assemble novel and flexible combinations of human talent that would be difficult or impossible to pull together in a single organization.




Once again, we will meet in Israel for the ONLY World Conference of JCCs. At this conference we are going to present main findings from several research projects that are delving into the beliefs and behaviors of Jews around the world with the specific focus on Jewish communities in Latin America and Europe. You will have a chance to discuss and debate with likeminded peers as we believe that the wisdom, knowledge and experience rests in every JCC- big or small, close or distant. In 2 addition, experts, scholars and role models will be invited to enrich, engage and cross pollinate this important gathering.

Want to be part of a European Delegation? - Please write to us here

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