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Moishe Pod Amsterdam - Meet Timor & Yotar 


Innovative Jewish Spaces for Young Adults

Meet Timor and Yotar, residents of Moishe Pod Amsterdam, which opened earlier this summer.

Did you know The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world? Now, you can imagine how tough it was to find a Moishe House in the city center of took them six months! Timor and Yotar were very intentional in their search to make the home as accessible as possible to folks interested in attending programs—and they certainly found a perfect spot!

Their grand opening was in June and drew in 50 attendees, including two rabbis. Here’s what the residents had to say about why this community is so special to them:

“We’re very proudly Jewish but we weren’t raised in a Jewish community where everyone knows each other. We’re kind of outsiders and we know there are a lot of outsiders who are like us (and insiders!). We decided to do this because we know you can be Jewish in your own way. We want to make Jewish life fun and show people that it can be inclusive, meaningful and fun all at once.”

Keep an eye on this pair as they continue to run inventive, inclusive programming!

Interested in starting a Pod? Apply here:

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