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London - United Kingdom
October 18th 20th 2015

The programme which included 3 days of sessions, visits and training was divided into 3 subjects enabling participants to attend general sessions and training on the concept of Resilience, a second day to visit specific venues presenting services and programmes for different population groups enabling participants to attend services in parallel with their usual field of work, and a third day, where the general concept was to work on Inclusion and accessibility of the different organisations.

The general situation in Europe, recent acts of terror are present in the different communities and manifest in different ways. This has been exacerbated by recent acts of terror happening in Jerusalem and other Israeli cities which generates a general atmosphere of uncertainty and frighten, as no place is secure and terror free. People are scared.  It was important to include a specific track of resilience in the conference for Social Welfare as professionals from the field encounter daily the most vulnerable populations and the services need to give a response to the general community to avoid these acts letting affected people to freeze out or to stop attending community events. The different terror events had triggered once again fear in different levels which need to be addressed via resilience and strengthening of the different community systems, and specially in this conference by the Social Workers heads.

Click here to download the programme of the seminar

A seminar addressed to Directors of Old Age Homes and professionals dealing with the care of Senior people

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