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ECJC JDC Social Welfare Committee 


While the different services are answering front line to the challenges from this pandemic, we consider extremely important to keep offering our welfare services a space for support and learning respecting the reality of social distancing.


We are all fighting together against this situation. Even if statistics from the different countries are changing by the day, in the meantime to keep strong we can become the support among ourselves.


We are all dealing with similar issues and now more than ever it is important to be connected for sharing knowledge and finding common effective responses.

Draft Programme

ECJC JDC Social Welfare Committee 

Wed. May 13th   - 11.00 CET

Isolation and Senior Population - Psychological and Clinical Effects

The coronavirus pandemic could accelerate the health risks of loneliness. But there are ways to connect to. Older people have been sternly warned to adopt the very practices that can endanger their health. With senior centres, day programs, theatres, parks, gyms and restaurants closed and most in-person visiting prohibited, they are enduring a lengthening period of social separation. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are barring family members. People who normally wouldn’t be considered isolated or lonely are now experiencing it, and how our services could answer this challenge.

Presenter - Dr Martin Auerbach
National Clinical Director of Amcha, Israel

Thur. May 28th – 11.00 CET

Old Age Home Directors
Meeting Point

How to keep our people safe during these uncertain times?

Relaxing lockdowns could sound like our wishes had been heard. But how do we prepare our services and people to avoid a second wave of this pandemic.

What can be done to minimise the risk of exposure?


Wed. June 24th – 11.00 CET

Assessing the New Normal
Result of the Pandemics.
Which new things am I seeing in my services?


The first phase of responding to the crisis is well over, but our teams are still answering the different challenges which are the continuation of the impact of COVID in our communities.

Different regulations on lock down, physical distancing and isolation created a new wave of effects.

Do our service users “want” to go back to normal?
Do we continue from where we left off before the impact of COVID19?

Wed. July 8th – 11.00 CET

Discovering the New Normal:
The reality of my New Community

Effects of the Pandemic – Sociological, Financial & Demographic changes. 

Assisting the new poor

A new reality appears in many communities including job losses and the impossible practise of professions has created a new layer among our communities which had lost some of their previous comfort.

How to deal with this reality?

What support can we offer?

Wed May 27th – 11.00 CET

Isolation and Senior Population – Engaging Senior people
Technology & Personal development

In the time of physical distancing, how can we guarantee that senior people have the skills needed to be in contact with the outside world?
How can we continue with providing services, spaces for socialisation and training memory & cognitive skills via online platforms?

Wed. June 10th – 11.00 CET

Mental Health of the teams – Resiliency

New symptoms related to the pandemic.

What should we listen to?

What are the consequences for our clients and our staff?


Thur. June 25th – 11.00  CET

Old Age Home Directors
Meeting Point

Addressed to Directors of Jewish Old Age Homes


Shadowing –

Peer Learning & Support

Peer learning spaces will be running in parallel to this programme.
Smaller groups will be invited to participate in peer learning spaces dedicated to some of the challenges identified in the Social Welfare Survey.
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