Aiming for Autonomy - Special Parallel Workshops

A serie of Parallel
Intensive Workshops
specially addressed to Directors & Managers of Services, Coordinators and 
Fundraising Managers


In addition to the general sessions during the seminar there will be two new opportunities specially addressed to Managers, Directors & Professionals dealing with Fundraising, in the shape of intensive sessions,

The first one will be on Fundraising for Welfare Programmes, facilitated by Michael Novick, with 3 hands on sessions to get the directors the tools to be able to guarantee sustainability of their own future services, and the second, a series of sessions on Supervision of Care Professionals & Volunteers, facilitated by Carolyn Bogush. 

Please see the programme of the seminar online .

Participation in these two seminars is free, but places are limited. So if you would like to join any (or both) seminars, please register in the forms below



Fundraising Seminar
by Michael Novick
Supervision Skills
by Carolyn Bogush

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