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Paris - France
March 5th - 7th 2017


The external political climate sometimes is reflected inside the schools, and it can be experienced in several ways. The uncertainty can hit our communities and the worst part is that many of us are not prepared at all on how to respond and go forward.


As schools are a central pillar in the resilience of the community, a comprehensive program for the educational system on all levels has the potential benefits of building resilience in the community and having the educational system prepared for times of crisis.


The aim of the seminar was to train local professionals in the educational system, on basic psycho social concepts in order to enhance Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the aftermath of traumatic events, in affected school communities.

The training provided practical tools to be implemented in the school system. The conclusion of the training will include a scenario based case study, which will help translate the acquired knowledge into practical guidelines for building an action plan to establish educational systems' resilience.

The seminar was facilitated by Dr Shiri Daniels, Eran and Israel Trauma Coalition

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of the seminar

A seminar addressed to Directors and Principals of Jewish Kindergarten and Early Age educators

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