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Bratislava - Slovakia
April 3rd - 5th 2016

The seminar was built on the feedback from previous participants and directors, and  some of the key issues to discuss were : 


Becoming more sustainable. Generating income. Models and tools for a community to diversify sources of income through a wide variety of channels.


Branding your organisation. The community narrative.the story the community tells itself and the world about who it is. How leadership can and should shape the community narrative. How to promote community activities to strengthen the community ownership of the narrative.


Young Adults: guarantee the continuity of our communities through attracting young generation. Handing down the ownership to the next generation.


Current situation in Europe: how do we react? A panel on various experiences.


Exchange of best practices & Strengthen the network

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of the seminar

A seminar addressed to Presidents and Directors of small communities and organisations

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