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Barcelona, Spain
June12th - 15th 2012

The meeting aims to create a platform where to exchange the best practices today and where to share successful experiences amongst peers. This is a crucial moment in Europe and we believe that today more than ever it is important to share our common experiences and define a common ground.


Plenaries tackled issues as:  Eonomy in times of crisis, Towards new organisational models: Jewish networks, without walls programs & regional programs and The Future is the Present: young Jewish leaders in Europe.


Also the meeting included parallel sessions on: challenges in small communities, religious tensions inside communities, successful programmes sharing, outreaching and social media, etc.


The Fourth Presidents meeting was the perfect frame to hear some of the most recognised voices in the field.


By hosting the key leadership of all Jewish organizations, an Executive roundtable for presidents of Pan European organizations defined and coordinated agendas, searching for collaboration amongst the different institutions.


The results of the European Leaders Survey, commissioned by the JDC International Center for Jewish Community Development (Oxford) was presented by first time and discussed, with some of the more qualified professionals in the field, trying to draft possible scenarios of our communities in 20 years time.


We offered a weekend of challenge and opportunity; networking and socialising; debates on key leadership issues; awareness building of European initiatives and the chance to share and define our communities priorities’ in these difficult times.


Senior leaders from Europe, and guests from USA and Israel attend ed this President’s meeting to share ideas with their European colleagues. 

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of the meeting

A seminar addressed to Presidents, Board Members and Key Leadership from Jewish Organisations

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