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All of our work is based on our belief that continued success is integral to the future of the Jewish People.

We are dedicated to offer programmes as gathering places, where people of all ages

and from all walks of Jewish life, can meet, more inspired by their Jewish heritage

and more connected to their communities and to one another.

Small is Beautiful

Under the name of Small is Beautiful, ECJC holds an annual encounter for leadership of Jewish Organisations which count less than 5000 affiliated members.


This was specifically requested by one of the ECJC Board Members, as the reality of smaller organisations is quite different compared to that of larger ones, and they all share common challenges. This forum has already met three times, once in Athens, once in Bratislava and once in Stockholm to discuss relevant problematics and opportunities.


Issues discussed were:

 - Sustainability and Fundraising

 - Narrative of the Communities and volunteering

 - Interfaith Marriage


The last meeting was held in June in Stockholm, and the key issue was the inclusion of Interfaith marriages in the different communities, under the name of “The Arithmetic of Interfaith Marriages: Do they add, rest, multiply or divide?

Past Programmes
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