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ECJC and the Coronavirus crisis


Tip Number #1 -#makegooddeedscontagious

If you are healthy and able to do, why don't you write a letter introducing yourself, name, email and mobile number offering to make grocery shopping or some errand for someone from your community who might be in isolation, quarantine or is in a higher risk group than you? You can also offer your time to call people who might be lonely.
You can start with your neighbours, and you can also mail this letter to your community offices and they will happily put you in contact with people who might need your help.

A small act which can make someone feel they are not in this alone. Thanks for being a mentsch.

Thanking for the suggestion

Resources for schools @ home

With extreme caution and a commitment to your health and safety, many schools had been closed and others might be closed shortly. This will entail children being at home, in addition to some which are already isolated or in quarantine.
According to our sources, learning should be encouraged from the moment children wake up untill we go back to sleep, and therefore after a round of calls and emails with some of our colleagues and friends, we would like to share with you this list of resources, where you will be able to obtain information and material on different issues related to this crisis, and a vast array of resources and educational activities for different ages to do at home.


We will be constantly updating this list, so please visit our website often 





We kindly thank our friends from Prizmah, PJ Library and Jewish Interactive for facilitating the resources to share.


In moments like this, we should keep calm and remember we are a community, where everybody is responsible for each other.

Interesting resources

Suggestions for an Effective Community Response: Covid-19 - by JDC 

All of the ECJC activities will be held online for the safety of all our members until the situation changes. We are still here and we are launching a series of webinars, zoom meetings and Facebook live events. Feel free to contact us if we can be helpful in any way. 

To be constantly updated, follow our facebook page here


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