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2nd EU Funding Training Seminar

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Stockholm, Sweden
October 7th-9th, 2018

In a time where funding is a common challenge for most of our organisations, it is essential for us to be aware of every potential source of funding. This is why, in partnership with the Jewish Community of Stockholm, Paideia, Bejt and Moishe House, we organised this 2nd training seminar.

The seminar went over the different potential sources of EU funding and foundation funding and prepared professionals on grant writing. The seminar was led by professionals and consultants whose expertise has proved vital in the successful applications for EU Funding of three of our members who followed our initial seminar on EU Funding in 2016 in London.

The experts were not only presenting the different programmes available from the EU, but also supplied mentoring of the highest quality and assistance in putting together grants for the different EU funds. The seminar also served as a great opportunity to find potential new partners among the rest of the communities and develop joint applications which is a requirement for all European grants.

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A seminar addressed to Directors and key professionals in European Jewish Organisations

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