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ECJC and the Coronavirus Crisis

How to continue the activities in our organisations during the crisis

Due to the current crisis in respect of the Corona Virus, and the potential implications regarding travelling and meetings/seminars which were originally planned for March, April and May  2020 we have taken the decision to postpone all events until the situation changes so that participants can feel safe while travelling and able to enjoy the programmes at its best.

Even if meetings among peers is a key priority in our agenda, we must minimise any risk and we and put first the safety and health of our communities. While we hope that the situation will be under control soon so that we will be able to circulate a new calendar with the new dates for the different meetings, we also would like to share resources for the different organisations to be able to continue their most normal rhythm of activities possible while keeping everyone healthy and safe.

We are all feeling challenged and  feeling uneasy or even fearful. Since this outbreak is constantly changing, we strongly suggest professionals, lay leadership, and community members to keep themselves well-informed, calm and to remember that unfortunately, in this kind of times, is more necessary to remember we are a community and we are all responsible one for another.

Here a list of resources we would like to share. Please visit this page often as it will be constantly updated.

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